New look Benefits website coming soon

Chiltern Select will be launching their new look Employee Benefits Platform soon. The newly designed site provides ease of navigation on Ways to Save, categories available, list of retailers within the scheme, details of your own account and savings made as well as your own dashboard.
There are many ways to make substantial day to day purchase savings with great offers on e-vouchers, seasonal promotions, shopping vouchers, reloadable cards, Spre Plus cashback cards, Cashback, Vouchers codes, Competitions, Cinema tickets and Getaway Holiday savings.
This will enable Employees to engage much more with the site which offers offer 6,000 discounts every week.

To find out more about how this refreshingly different scheme can benefit your business, CALL US ON 01494 451441

Has your business got Key Person Protection

Have you got cover if you lost either permanently or temporarily one of your key people ?

Within any business there will be key individuals such as owners, MD’s, Sales Directors, R&D staff or Technical experts whose loss would affect the company’s ability to maintain turnover and generate profits
Talk to one of our experts on 01494 451441 who can advise on Key Person Cover, Shareholder or Ownership Protection or Relevant Life Plans

Symponia support for Chiltern Select

FT1218cc - Icknield Court care fees seminar 18.10_Page_1_Image_0001We’re all living longer but we grow older in very different ways with very different needs!
Whether it’s for a family member or yourself, the first time you really consider care options is after a crisis, a fall, an illness or a bereavement.
At a time of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, the last thing you want to face is a maze of complex information before you can make the right decision.
Nationwide coverage to support you and your family
Should Chiltern Select receive an enquiry which is outside of our coverage we will be able to refer the prospective client to a suitably qualified and trusted Symponia adviser for the appropriate area, providing you with nationwide coverage.
The Symponia adviser will help you and your family achieve the peace of mind you deserve, helping you to obtain the specialist services you need, whilst at the same time looking after the financial aspects of all care-related topics.

Communicating your Employee Engagement Strategy

Engagement StrategyUK businesses have suffered huge losses over the past decade in company performances due to disengagement and a high staff turnover. Presenteeism, the state of being at work physically but unproductive mentally costs UK businesses around £15 billion per year.

The workforce is changing with over 27% in the UK now over 50 and are expected to make up to half of the workforce in the next 5 years. Businesses that offer customised benefits to their employees through digital communication strategies to deliver benefit information effectively and efficiently will attract and retain talented employees.

More and more companies are adopting a benefit platform and with good reason. Flexible benefits are mutually beneficial to employers and employees and can give employers a competitive and cost advantage. These modular platforms are helping employees find the best-fit solution for them based upon their needs, profile and lifestyle.
Chiltern Select have created a Communicating your Employee Engagement Strategy to assist SME businesses with these solutions
For more details on how Chiltern Select can assist with your Employee Benefits Solutions contact us
at or call 01494 444593

Chiltern Select Communicating Your Employee Engagement Strategy Final

Chiltern Select set for January 2017 launch

chiltern-select-logoChiltern Select is set for a launch programme in January 2017. This innovative new Employee Benefits Solution which is targeted at the SME business sector combines Core Benefits such as Death in Service, Critical Illness Cover, PMI, Group Income Protection, Workplace Pensions and Later Life Care with a range of Flexible Benefits and Salary Sacrifice modules.
BIG benefits, not just for big business….
Refreshingly different

Chiltern Consultancy becomes first client

Chiltern Consultancy has become the first client of Chiltern Select.
The advantages of this flexible benefits solution is that it gives a choice of what best suits the requirements, of the business which then provides more value and meaning to the employees.
All of the staff now have access to the Chiltern Select Essentials Solution providing over 6,000 discounts through their own branded portal

Employee Benefits Solutions Brochures

Employee Benefits Solutions Brochures

Flexible company benefits brochuresChiltern Select will be launching a range of supporting marketing literature to accompany the creation of their new Employee Benefits Solution.

The introduction of the Essentials Solution which is scheduled to launch in January 2017 and will create a benefits solution platform that enables SME companies to provide a flexible cost effective offering for both it’s business and its employees.